Salàs de Pallars: landscape and nature

Salàs from the air Salàs from the stream
Town Hall's Tower

Salàs is a beautiful mountain village, located in Catalonia (north-east of Spain) at the Pre-Pirineu area of the Lleida region at a height of 575 m. This is located 6 Km north from Tremp city and 4 Km south from Pobla de Segur (at the entrance of Fosca Valley).

Salàs from the stream Sant Cebrià Baix street
Sant Pere street

Salàs, with around 350 inhabitants, has maintained its medieval heritage which can be observed in several places. There can still be seen, among others, three of the four towers of the city wall that surrounded the village, nice stone paved streets, and typical porches called “Eras” which used to be full of mules in old times fairs.

Sant Cebrià street Raval del Ball
Sant Pere street

Apart from that, Salàs is currently a very interesting tourist destination. You will find all the equipments and services needed, such as butcher’s shop, baker’s – supermarket, hairdresser’s, two restaurants, three pubs, chemist’s, doctor, swimming-pool, library and lots of nature!

The butcher’s shop Calderada popular at Solana street
Lo lago from the air

The town is placed at the edge of Sant Antoni’s (Saint Anthony’s) reservoir, known as “lo lago” (“the lake”). There, you can just relax and enjoy the sun or play exciting nautical sports at its transparent waters.

La Pista Lo lago at sheep's view

But Salàs has been, upon anything else, a ranching town. In the past, before farming mechanisation, there used to be one the most important ranch trade fairs of Spain. Nowadays, there is still a cow farm and a sheep and lambs one. That’s why, nearby, you will be able to see local “xisqueta” race sheep grazing on the hillside.

Sheeps of the local breed xisqueta Lambs for the butcher’s shop